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Sunday Adult Christian Education

At 9:45am we offer four classes: 

Covenant Class meets in Room B in the Congregation House (upstairs).  A schedule of speakers from Davidson College and the Church and Community bring topics of interest on the Bible and more.  Topics this year include a time to hear about Davidson College's Faith Based Summer Experiences, Old Testament Wisdom Literature, Studies in Luke and more.  Brochures with detailed information are available in the Information Center. 

Jubilee: meets Sunday mornings at 9:45 in room 116 (the Student Center) to follow the Holy Spirit's lead in discussing social justice and other important issues.

Maloney: Sunday mornings at 9:45 in the Parlor. Led by Dr. Russell Mase and others, this group uses The Present Word materials for Bible Study. 

The Pines: Sunday mornings at 9:45 in the Marshall Room at The Pines at Davidson. This group also uses The Present Word materials.  .

At 11:00am we offer a new class!

The Wired Word meets at 11:00am in the Parlor.  Each week an email with a key current event, along with scriptural and theological reflections, is sent to those who wish to receive it.  On Sunday, both High School Youth and adults gather to discuss the event in a Biblical and theological context.  If you wish to be on the email list for the weekly topic, email Julie. 

For more detailed information about these classes, click here.