Kenya Partnership

Sigona Presbyterian Church, located in Kikuyu, Kenya, is a small congregation comprised of small-scale subsistence farmers from five surrounding villages.  At the peak of the AIDS epidemic in the late 90’s, they found themselves with the task of caring for, spiritually and financially, over 300 orphans and extremely poor children taken in by extended families, friends or strangers.  As the ministry to these children took shape, DCPC became aware, through a visit from Sigona elders Kagwe and Ruth Muchane (parents of DCPC member Mur Muchane).  DCPC’s minister , Allen Brindisi and his wife Ann, were invited to visit Sigona and learn more about this ministry and how we were being called as God’s people.  A partnership developed, with the purpose to share Christian love and unity, in order to strengthen both congregations in our work, worship and witness for Jesus Christ and to create a better understanding of where and how the Church of Jesus Christ is at work in the world today.  It started with a small school in a tin building with sixteen students and has expanded to a new 3-story building housing classrooms for over 100 students, preschool to sixth year (expanding up to year eight in the future); a feeding program; a computer lab for vocational training for youth and adults; bathroom facilities with running water; a well; water storage tank; internet services and support for student families.  Alternating visits between the partners, DCPC and Sigona, continue most years.  The timeline below represents the progress the partnership is making in showing God’s love through this mutual partnership.IMG_3293



2001 – Sigona Presbyterian Church embarked on goal of building school and supporting children in need.  DCPC Global Missions learns of this ministry.

Spring 2002 – Sigona elders Kagwe and Ruth Muchane visit DCPC.

Summer 2002 – DCPC Minister Allen Brindisi and wife Ann visit Sigona and lead a groundbreaking event for the Child and Youth Development Center.

Fall 2002 – A partnership agreement is collaboratively created.

Winter 2003 –  Sigona elders visit DCPC and formally sign partnership agreement.

2003-2004  Fundraising by both church for the building.

Fall 2004 – Foundations dug for the Child and Youth Development Center by Sigona church members.  Outreach Foundation begins the construction.

June 2005 – First “mission team” of 12 DCPC members visit Sigona, led by Allen Brindisi and Mur Muchane, and the final stages of building construction.

Fall 2005 – 60 children and teachers move into the new building and begin classes.

Summer 2006 – First Sigona team to visit DCPC, Elders Quincey Mathu, Joseph Githenji and Hannah Ndungu

Summer 2007 – DCPC and Davidson Presbyterian Church (our sister church) comprise the team &visit Sigona, led by Associate Pastor Shelli Latham and Mur Muchane, and begins water storage project.IMG_3204

Spring 2008 – Sigona visits DCPC and shows photos of new cistern/water storage.

Summer 2009 – DCPC team, including Davidson College students and youth from DCPC and Davidson Presbyterin, led by Associate Pastor Shelli Latham and Rebecca Clark, visit Sigona –well and pump construction underway

Fall 2009 – Pump/well has hit problem-drilling deeper

Fall 2010 – large team from Sigona visits   

Summer 2011– DCPC team, led by Pastor Lib McGregor Simmons and Gordon Clark–well dedicated-finally have running water to building!

2013 – DCPC team led by Jane Cain and Mur Muchane visit Sigona and take children to the Nairobi National Museum

2014 – Reverend John Churu and 3 elders from SIgona visit DCPCIMG_8584[1]

Fall 2015 – Global Mission members Al Sudduth & Rebecca Clark visit partners to meet their new minister and get internet to the church and school building, as well as meet with CUDC committee and the new challenges facing the school

Fall 2016 –EXPECTED visit by Sigona Reverend Mirriam Njuguna and other members


Last Published: July 12, 2016 10:23 AM