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Campus ministry

Your time at Davidson will be life-changing, in many ways. We are sure you will find these years ahead to be an exciting journey, and we'd love to accompany you along the way! Whether you are a lifelong Presbyterian or have never set foot in a church before or identify somewhere in between, we invite you to consider joining us on your journey.

Westminster Fellowship gathers each Monday night to sing, read and discuss Scripture, pray together, and hang out - usually with food involved, of course! Besides our time together on Mondays, we enjoy supporting each other at plays, poetry slams, and athletic events, volunteering our time in service together, going on retreats and trips, and of course, sharing coffee, dinners off campus, and more.

We are friends who have come together from many different places to walk together. Some of us come from a Presbyterian Church background, but many come from other backgrounds or no church at all. Some have made their lives all about following Jesus; others are still seeking. Some cook a mean dish of spicy beans and rice, and some bust out guitar, mandolin, and banjo all in the same set of worship music. We share love for each other, and the desire to welcome any and all to join us for the journey.

Find us at the DCPC Student Center on Monday nights from 7- 8 pm. Bring your questions, bring your doubts—we welcome them all in the name of Jesus!

Grace and peace,
Stephanie Sorge Wing
Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry

Westminster Fellowship

Join us on Monday nights from 7- 8 pm in our DCPC Student Lounge for singing, delicious baked goods, prayer, and reading Scripture! Come see what we're about; we're also known to sneak off to CookOut, Summit, or any other fine dining around Davidson afterward!

Bread for the Journey
Are you looking for group that loves to explore Scripture every week?

Do you find yourself yearning for chicken, tofu, or beef stir fry around 12:15pm on Tuesdays?

Have you always wanted to ask College Chaplain Rob Spach about the meaning of life?

Well, you should join Bread for the Journey! We’re a campus Bible study that meets to discuss the Gospel lectionary text with delicious food and sparkling conversation. Come to the seminar room just around the corner from the Information Desk at Alvarez Union on Tuesdays from 12:15-1:15pm.

DCPC Student Center

Snacks. Couches. Silence. The DCPC Student Center is arguably the greatest room in North Carolina (second only to Amelie’s Café in Charlotte), and is open 24/7 for Davidson College students. Come up to our patio just around the corner from the Sanctuary, and you’ll find you can access this nerd paradise with your CatCard. We have Cheerwine. We have itty-bitty Snickers candy bars. We have those peanut-butter cheese crackers. We also have a bathroom that is equidistant from Alvarez Union and Summit Coffee. You should come.


DCPC has worship every Sunday morning at 8:30 in Lingle Chapel and 11:00 in the Sanctuary. We sing, we pass the peace, we preach, we baptize, we eat Communion. Jesus might show up. What’s not to like?


DCPC families and DC students can sign up to “adopt each other” for the year. Families invite their adopted student over for meals and provide a family away from home.

Lingle Chapel

Lingle Chapel is open 24/7 for prayer, worship, or personal reflection. The main entrance, which faces Main Street in Davidson, is always unlocked. There are Bibles, hymn books, and a piano in the chapel.


Stephanie Sorge Wing: Associate Pastor for Campus Ministry
Spencer Ayscue: Westminster Fellowship Co-Moderator
Annalee Kwochka: Westminster Fellowship Co-Moderator
Rahael Borchers: Westminster Fellowship Co-Moderator
Brian Parker: Westminster Fellowship Co-Moderator