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Prayer is a communication process that allows us to both speak and listen to God! People pray in many ways:  through singing, the spoken word, the unspoken word. 


Light a cancleThe congregation at Davidson College Presbyterian Church offers Lingle Chapel as a personal sanctuary of inclusion, engagement and integration which creates a fulfilling spiritual experience for everyone, regardless of their diverse backgrounds or religious beliefs.  This facility, on the corner of Main Street and Davidson-Concord Road in Davidson, is open 24 X 7 to anyone in the Community.  In order to personalize the experience at Lingle Chapel, a mobile enabled website has been created (linglechapel.org).  It is structured around actions (Reflect, Listen, See and Engage) and is meant to enable a customized experience for meditation, contemplation, reflection and prayer.  Though designed for use in the actual chapel, it can also be used anywhere with a virtual tour of the facility included as part of the website.