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We are the body of Christ--

worshipping, learning, serving, loving, giving--

seeking to realize God's vision for the world. 

Making our Vision a Reality

To make our part in this vision a reality, we will:

Worship God in the Reformed tradition, with integrity and diversity. Accept our personal call and mission from God to make a difference. Educate ourselves and our families so that we continue to grow in grace and learning. Engage and nurture those who study and work at Davidson College. Participate in activities that attack the causes of poverty and injustice, both here and around the world. Form a true community for everyone wherever they are in their faith journey. Give our time and resources to support our vision, acknowledging that everything we have belongs to God. 


Furthering our Vision

To further our vision of God's kingdom, in every decision we will:

Live according to the cooperative community Jesus taught by using respect, generosity, and grace in our interactions. Use inclusive methods that engage and integrate, intending a fulfilling spiritual experience for everyone. Follow the Bible as the inspired word of God, using its teachings as encouragement and example to seek and fulfill our role in God's world.