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Preschool Mission Statement

DCPC's weekday school is responsible to and administered by the Christian Education committee through the Preschool committee. The school's purpose is to meet the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the early childhood years.

Each child will be helped to grow as a whole person and to develop his or her own unique talents and abilities in a child-centered environment. Learning takes place within the context of the Christian community, guided by loving adults who are willing to share their own faith in ways that are meaningful to young children.

Please CLICK HERE for a calendar of the Preschool year.

Click HERE for a form to link your Harris-Teeter VIC card to our preschool. All you need to do is print off the form, fill it out and return it to the church office. HT will give a portion of sales to our Preschool.  Previous funds have been used for playground improvements and Preschool supplies. You must complete a new form each Fall, and you may be linked to more than one school.

Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on how children learn, rather than on what they should know. The preschool classes at DCPC strive to be developmentally appropriate for eighteen months to five years. 

Children in each age group have planned activities appropriate for their age, and are guided by teachers with experience in the classroom. Many of our teachers have degrees in education and all teachers have completed early childhood education in-service training. Our Preschool staff is knowledgeable on the latest child development research.

Class Profiles and Registration Forms

2018 - 2019

Registration is normally held in February of each year for the following fall.  Click here for the registration form for all classes. Please click here for a printable health form. For information about our TK progam, please click here. If you need information about our registration and lottery process, Click here.  Scholarships are available for those that are in need, please complete the scholarship application

Class Days:

Eighteen months: two day option

Twos: two and three day options

Threes: three, four and five day options

Fours: four day and five day options

Transition Kindergarten (T-K): five day option


All classes meet 9:00 am - 12:30 pm. Children will bring and eat lunch daily at preschool.


Eighteen months: 2 teachers to 8 students

Twos: 2 teachers to 10 students

Threes: 2 teachers to 11 students

Fours: 2 teachers to 16 students

Transitional kindergarten: 2 teachers to 14 students

Preschool direct line: 704.655.1271

To send an email to the Preschool Director, Kristin Clark, click here.