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Our Facilities

Davidson College Presbyterian Church is committed to using its Facilities as an integral part of its mission.  Community organizations that are directly supported by DCPC or other non-profit organizations that  are in alignment with our mission may request use of space within our buildings.

The Sanctuary

The present-day Sanctuary was completed in 1951, and seats up to 800 people. The 11 AM and 9:45 AM Sunday service are held here.

Music in the Sanctuary is provided by a 50-year-old organ, which has been rebuilt twice, once in the 1970s and again in 2006 by the Wicks Pipe Organ Company. Information about our organ may be found under the “music” heading of our “Worship and Music” portion of our website.


The main entrance to the Sanctuary faces the Davidson College quadrangle adjacent to Main Street (Route 115). You may also enter the Sanctuary from side doors off of Concord Road.

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Lingle Chapel

Lingle Chapel is a smaller worship space that holds the 8:45 AM worship services. The chapel seats 150, and is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main entrance to the chapel off Main Street (Route 115), but it is also accessible down the hall from the church offices on the main floor.  For more information about the chapel or for worship resources to use while in the chapel,


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DCPC’s Columbarium is a peaceful, contemplative resting place for members of the DCPC family. The Columbarium was completed in 2006. Memorial services can be arranged in the church’s Sanctuary or Lingle Chapel, both of which adjoin the Columbarium. For more information about memorial services at DCPC, contact the church office at (704) 892-5641.

To see the complete informational brochure on the Columbarium, CLICK HERE.
For an application, CLICK HERE.

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Congregation House

Sitting on the site of the former Youth House and manse at 218 Concord Road, the Congregation House was completed in 2006. In addition to having a large kitchen and eating areas, it has multi-purpose rooms that can serve as meeting rooms or classrooms. The lower level is home to the youth lounge and other classrooms.

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