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Our Vision for 
Opening Doors

  • Be good stewards of our treasures

  1. Renovate our worship spaces

  2. Create a new entrance on Main Street

  • Facilitate connections between members, the community and students

  1. New technology to reach outside the church walls

  2. Reconfigure the building to create a gathering space

  3. Carve out a library for study and meeting space

  4. Establish and partially fund an endowment to pay the salary of a campus pastor to Davidson College students.

  • Support housing projects in our community

  1. Davidson Housing Coalition - rental support

  2. Hope House Foundation - Transitional Housing

  3. Habitat for Humanity, Mecklenburg County - Permanent housing

Our Progress
To Date

  • On May 1, 2022 we celebrated the pledging of $6,541,00 to the Opening Doors campaign.

  • The main sanctuary and Lingle chapel have renovated flooring, new pews, new technology,  new paint.  

  • The sound system and our live streaming technology have been updated

  • Digital screens have been installed and are in use in the sanctuary

Next Phase:

  • April 1, All rooms and offices in the main building will be vacated so renovation can begin

  • April 8:  Sunday School will be in the Baker-Watts Building

  • April 9: Preschool will be in the Congregation House

  • August 24:  Move back in to the main building

Renovate our facilities to better welcome, connect, and serve our members and the community

Renovate the main sanctuary and update video technology and sound equipment.

Renovate Lingle Chapel

Fund an endowment to support a Davidson College campus minister

Move our library to a more accessible location and provide space for small meetings.

Create a new more visible entrance on Main Street

Create a large gathering space that will welcome visitors and members. 

Share our gifts with organizations that address homelessness in our area.

Gift to Hope House Foundation to provide transitional housing for homeless families.

Gift to Habitat for Humanity, Charlotte Region, for building permanent housing for homeless families.

Gift to Davidson Housing Coalition to be used for rental assistance.


Chris Ahearn, co-chair | David Houle, co-chair
Ann Browning | Rebecca Chaffin | Karen Fesperman | Jay Harris | Ed Wadsworth


Van Beck | Martin Kerr | Jane Cain | Carson Anderson | Harriett Rosebrough | Dave Malushizky

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