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Sigona Academy in Kenya

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How you can be involved NOW!

Many of the students at Sigona Presbyterian Academy need financial support in order to attend school.  You can provide support for the students  by sponsoring a grade level class of students, by providing education supplies for one student, or by helping to upgrade the school building.  Your will receive the names of students you sponsor so that you can pray for them and communicate with them.

Or use this QR code:

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Milestones 2024:
  • The Sigona Presbyterian Academy was excited to see an 8% increase in enrollment this year

  • The construction of the new kitchen is  progressing well

  • A small group of our partners plan to visit us in Davidson in October, 2024

How our partnership began...

Our Kenya partnership began in the summer of 2002 following a visit to Davidson from Ruth and Kagwe Muchane, elders at Sigona Presbyterian Church in Kikuyu, Kenya and parents to DCPC member Mur Muchane.  During their visit they expressed to then pastor Allen Brindisi that the church had begun to reach out and minister to many of the children in the community around the church.  Following a visit by Allen and Ann Brindisi, DCPC became involved as partners in the work of the Child Development Center at Sigona.  DCPC helped fund the construction of a new facility to house the K-8 school and it was completed in January, 2006.


In the years since 2006...


Since that time, there have many trips to Kenya by DCPC members and many trips by members of Sigona to visit Davidson.  The partnership has strengthened the faith communities in both places as we have prayed for one another, challenged one another, and encouraged one another in the work to which God has called us.

On our most recent trip in 2023, DCPC, academy administrators, and Sigona Presbyterian Church together determined that a new kitchen should be built for the academy in the coming year.

Plans for the future...

Other infrastructure projects like critical school repairs, new dining facilities, and a new playground are under consideration. The new kitchen construction is nearing completion  and the church will be considering new construction once that is complete.

We continue to pray for our church partners at Sigona Presbyterian Church and for the Administration, Teachers, Students, Staff, and Families of Sigona Presbyterian Academy.

Trip to Sigona

Four of our members travelled to Kenya in 2023 to visit with our partners at Sigona Presbyterian Church and to discuss projects that the partners could fund in 2023.  The Sigona Acadamy is in need of a larger space to prepare and serve food to the students and more academic classrooms.  Both partners agreed these projects would be our focus in 2023 - 2024.  

Karen Fesperman was one of our members on the trip; you can CLICK HERE to read her reflections on the experience.

In 2024 members of Sigona Presbyterian Church in Kikuyu Kenya will be visiting DCPC and we will all have the opportunity to meet them!

2023 pictures and video from Sigona Acadamy

Kenya Partnership Trip, June 12-22, 2022
Click below to watch a short YouTube video of the trip

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