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Serving our Neighbors

We believe that God is already active in the world, transforming lives, liberating the oppressed, bringing an end to injustice and lifting people up. Our calling is to respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit, to share our gifts freely and to respond to the needs of our neighbors as we work as disciples of Jesus Christ, and join in the mission of God, no matter where it takes us.


Community Missions

DCPC serves the needs of the Charlotte Community in a variety of ways, from providing shelter for the homeless, to providing meals, and to tutoring students in Math and English


Global Missions

DCPC is involved in two long-term global projects.   One in Kenya and one in the Kilambe region of Nicaragua.  In addition, DCPC partners with several agencies serving the needs of our global community


Social Justice Group

The Social Justice Committee works to promote justice and equity in our broken world. Its work involves both education and advocacy.


Refugee Care

DCPC is involved in helping two large Afghan families resettle in our area.   Find our how you can help by clicking below.


Earth Care

We have pledged to be an Earth Care Congregation.   Our Green Group monitors our progress in meeting those goals and provides the congregation with ideas for caring for the earth.


I Want To Serve

If you want to volunteer to serve in any of our current projects or want to learn about planned mission trips, click below

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