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The congregation at Davidson College Presbyterian Church offers Lingle Chapel as a personal sanctuary of inclusion, engagement and integration which creates a fulfilling spiritual experience for everyone, regardless of their diverse backgrounds or religious beliefs. This facility, on the corner of Main Street and Concord Road in Davidson, is open 24 X 7 to anyone in the community. For more information visit: It is structured around actions (Reflect, Listen, See and Engage) and is meant to enable a customized experience for meditation, contemplation, reflection and prayer. 

Prayer Requests

We at DCPC are firm believers in the power of prayer. If you would like to make a prayer request, for any reason, fill out the form to have your request forwarded to the leader of our prayer group. You may provide as much or as little information as you desire. If you’d like  the request to be forwarded to one of our pastors as well, please say so in your note. Rest assured all requests will remain confidential within the prayer group.

Your may also call our church voice mail at  704.892.5641 and leave a message.

We will be praying for you!

prayer Group

Intercessory Prayer Group

Prayer is essential to worship at DCPC. Did you know that the word prayer or a form of the word prayer appears 375 times in the Bible? Prayer is nothing more and nothing less than communicating with God. Intercessory prayer is bringing specific people and concerns to the heart of God petitioning for healing in body and in spirit. Matthew 18:20 assures us that Christ is very present with us in prayer. At DCPC the intercessory prayer team has been meeting for over 35 years. For the majority of those years, people have gathered in person to pray for members of our congregation, people in our community, our local and international missions, countries experiencing hardships, and for our country and our leaders.


The team currently gathers on Wednesday mornings at 11:30am. All prayer concerns are confidential. If people are unable to attend for scheduling or health reasons they can join us in prayer from wherever they are during that time knowing that we around bound together by God's Spirit.  We are seeking to expand our prayer team. Would you be willing to join us in this ministry? You must be willing to pray consistently during the week holding all concerns in the strictness of confidence. 

If interested, please contact Robert Alexander / Mary Thornberry. We also encourage prayer requests. You may submit a request to, or fill out the Prayer Request form above.

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