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DCPC's 2023 Narrative Budget

Introduction to the 2023 Narrative Budget


A Narrative Budget describes the importance of individual programs and ministries along with the total investment in each area.  We have chosen to determine our investment in seven major programs or ministries. They are Mission and Justice, Campus Ministry, Worship, Music, Faith Formation, Youth and Children, and Congregational Life.


The Narrative Budget includes the direct costs of each area, including personnel, along with the indirect costs, or overhead, that we allocate to each area. This gives us a much better picture of our overall investment in each major program and ministry.


Below you will see a summary of the total investment in each program area including both direct and indirect costs based on our 2023 operating budget. The summary is also depicted in a pie chart illustrating the relative size of the individual program or ministry investments.


In the coming weeks, we will feature each major program and ministry describing its importance to DCPC along with the summary budgets. We hope that this year’s Narrative Budget will help you better understand how the church is investing your financial contributions.

(1) Includes Churchwide, Global, and Community Missions plus Social Justice Initiative                    

(2) Includes Planning and Adult Programs                                        

(3) Includes Fellowship, Membership, Communications, SAGES, Congregational Care, Visitation       

2023 Narrative Budget Pie Chart.png
Narrative Budget 2023 - Spreadsheet.png
Spotlight on Worship Photo.png

Spotlight on Worship

Worship is at the core of our relationship with God and with each other and is at the heart of our Christian faith. Worship, whether in person, through live-stream, or by radio broadcast, helps prepare us to fulfill the Great Commandment—to love God and to love our neighbor.


Our 2023 total investment in Worship is $254,970, or 12% of our total budget of $2,218,000.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the importance of Worship.

Jubilee square_edited_edited.jpg

Spotlight on Faith Formation

Our Faith Formation program offers life-long faith development of all children, youth, and adults. Different aspects of Faith Formation include Sunday School, mid-week studies, conferences and travel, and working with our weekday preschool program.


Our 2023 total investment in Faith Formation is $199,284, or 9% of the total budget of $2,218,000.


CLICK HERE to learn more about our Faith Formation offerings and how you can be involved. 


Spotlight on Youth & Children's Ministries

As we all know, the future of DCPC and the church at large depends on the effectiveness of church Youth and Children’s Ministries. Here at DCPC these ministries serve our young people from toddlers to high school youth, providing education, service, and fellowship opportunities for all ages.


Our 2023 total investment in Youth and Children’s Ministries is $421,783, or 19% of the total budget of $2,218,000.


To learn more about the importance of our Youth and Children’s Ministries just CLICK HERE.

COMM MISSIONS Anne painting siding_edite

Spotlight on Mission & Justice

As a Matthew 25 Congregation, our Mission and Justice Ministries are integral to living out our calling to serve God in our community and the greater world. Accordingly, we devote a significant portion of our resources to this part of our work. These ministries include Churchwide, Community, and Global Missions, plus DCPC’s Social Justice initiatives for all people.


Our 2023 total investment in Mission and Justice is $507,715, or 23% of our total budget of $2,218,000.


CLICK HERE to gain a better understanding of the importance of Mission and Justice to our being a Matthew 25 Congregation.

WORSHIP & MUSIC - Children's Handbells 1

Spotlight on Music

DCPC offers a variety of music programs to enhance our worship experience, including traditional and more contemporary styles of music. Beyond the musical arrangements for all worship services, our Music Ministry is responsible for the care and maintenance of all instruments as well as our audio/visual equipment.


Our 2023 total investment in Music is $383,369, or 17% of our total budget of $2,218,000.


More information about our Music Ministry can be found HERE.

CAMPUS MINISTRY - FDOC 2023_edited.jpg

Spotlight on Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry provides connection, hospitality, faith formation, and leadership development for not only UKirk Davidson students, but also the broader Davidson College student body plus college-age members of our DCPC congregation. Our 2023 total investment in Campus Ministry is $138,855, or 6% of our total budget of $2,218,000.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the activities and importance of our Campus Ministry!

MEMBERSHIP - Committee.jpg

Spotlight on Congregational Life

Our Congregational Life ministry includes Membership, Fellowship, Communications, SAGES, Congregational Care, Counseling, and Visitation. Our Congregational Life Ministry encompasses a variety of initiatives through which everyone in our church family receives benefit.


Our 2023 total investment in Congregational Life is $312,025, or 14% of our total budget of $2,218,000.

CLICK HERE for more information about Congregational Life and its importance to DCPC.

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