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Stewardship Cross with wordsWhen each of us joined Davidson College Presbyterian Church (DCPC), we made the following commitment to God and to the congregation:
“Do you promise to be a faithful member of this congregation, to share in its worship and ministry, through your prayers and gifts, your study and service, and so fulfill your calling to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Do you?” 

How each of us responds to this pledge is a matter of individual choice.  At DCPC, we believe that a major aspect of our journey to become Christian disciples is being a trustworthy manager of the resources God has given us: time, talent, and treasure. We need to manage these in a way that brings glory to God and serves the purposes of Jesus Christ. 

SERVICE:  One piece of our faithful stewardship is our support of the body of Christ within DCPC, our community and in the world today. Our Time and Talent are shared with the body of Christ as we participate in the ministries of the church. There are opportunities for all DCPC members regardless of the amount of time you have available or the talents you possess. 

We invite you to speak to our Director of Congregational Life, Stephanie Rollans, regarding the best fit for you. 

GIFTS:  Treasure is as important to DCPC’s mission as Time and Talent.  Without the gifts of money, DCPC could not support any of its programs, which have a significant impact on people’s lives, such as:
    •    Christian Education of our members, their children, and the community
    •    Worship through the spoken word, prayer and music
    •    Care for members and non-members in crisis
    •    Support for the homeless, the abused, and those in need
    •    Ministry to Davidson College students
    •    Overseas missions to fund education, potable water, and other such basic necessities of life.
    •    Care for our facilities which house both DCPC and community programs
    •    And many other important ministries 

We ask that gifts be made by our members (and non-members) through the commitment of an annual financial pledge to the church.  While this can be done at any time, it is normally done as part of our annual Fall Stewardship Drive.  Contributions may be pledged on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, and can be in the form of money, securities, etc.  Pledges are collected during the Offering portion of the weekly worship service, and DCPC also provides the ability to automatically draft your bank account, if that is the member’s desire.  A Pledge is not a binding financial commitment to DCPC, and can be changed at any time based on an individual’s situation.  

Pledge cards are available through the church office.  Each January, our finance department will send you a year-end Statement of Giving for your records.

Should you have any questions about donating or pledging, please call the church office at 704-892-5641. You may speak with either Trish Jones or Jean Johnston.

If you are interested in having your pledge automatically withdrawn from your banking account each month, download the form by clicking here.

*Please note: The above link is in the form of a pdf. You may either print out the form and turn it in to the church office, or copy and paste the text into the body of an email and send to Trish Jones (pjones@dcpc.org).

Click here for information on our Generation to Generation program.

If you are interested in making your pledge on-line from either your checking or credit card, please go to the Congregational Life menu on the tool bar. In the resulting drop-down menu, click on "Member's Access ACS and follow the instructions.