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Earth Care In Action

How you can help


Be Informed


While plastics have been found to be a health hazard to both humans and animals, they also can be used in ways that cut greenhouse gasses. To read the  Green Group's recommendation CLICK HERE


Envision Charlotte – Learn how to recycle plastics


Precious Plastic -  Start a company  using recycled plastic


Plastics Free July – Join the movement!


NY Times, So Much Produce Comes in Plastic. Is There a Better Way?


Health risks of tiny plastics


Micro-plastics: An invisible danger to human health

Plastics Art Projects:


Plastics Jesus:

Gas powered garden and lawn equipment is detrimental to our health and environment. Gas powered garden and lawn equipment emit volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and carbon dioxide. Here are some facts about use of gas powered equipment to think about as lawn mowing season approaches.

  • Operating a gas mower for an hour can create as much smog-forming pollution as driving a Toyota Camry for 1,100 miles.

  • A consumer-grade leaf blower emits more pollutants than a 6,200-pound 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

Particulate pollution is already a large problem in Mecklenburg County because of the large number of cars and trucks traveling on our extensive highway network. We encourage you to use battery powered lawn equipment or tool options such as rakes.


Here are some good books for information on sustainability for cold winter reading:

  • A Christian’s Guide to Planet Earth: Why it Matters and How to Care for It by Betsy Painter

  • Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in A Divided World by Katherine Hayhoe

  • Diet for A Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe

Watch Katherine Hayhoe’s   TED talk on talking about climate change HERE 


Get Involved

Plant a tree, clean up a stream, or go for a wildflower walk. Check out the activities at Davidson Lands Conservancy. Click here for Davidson Lands Conservancy info.

Read Diet for A Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe and attend a discussion of the book on Feb. 4. Courtney Spears will serve a vegetarian
lunch for our gathering at 12:00 noon. The discussion will begin around 12:30. To sign up for the event please follow this link.

Would you enjoy being involved in Citizen Science? Here’s one opportunity. The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up in February.
Here's a link to the Great Backyard Bird Count site.

Take a walk on one of the county Greenways. Here’s a link to a page with a
map of the 62 miles of Greenways
The Town of Davidson offers Composting to all residents. Here is a link to the information about how to participate in composting in Davidson.


Recycling Plastic Bottles
Writing on Sofa


Vote for candidates at local, state, and national levels who support sustainability and care for the earth. Our vote is probably the best way we can advocate for the environment.

Join or donate to an organization that advocates for the environment.  Here are some suggestions:

Davidson Lands Conservancy

Third Act (for those over 60 years old)

National Wildlife Federation

Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy


Upcoming Events

Did you know there’s a farm right here in Davidson that practices sustainable agriculture and grows food to feed thousands of students at Davidson College? Sunday, June 16th from 3-5PM - Come join the DCPC Green Group to take a tour of the Davidson College Farm

The farm was started 12 years ago to supply the college with a direct source for fresh produce and to provide students and staff with opportunities to learn more about where their food comes from.  We’ll start with a tour by Farm Manager, Halle Murphy, and finish with a talk by recent DC graduate, Ty Cryan, who’s senior project was working with members of the Catawba Nations to grow ancient native crops out at the farm. 

Be sure to bring  your sunscreen and wear farm appropriate shoes.  The Green Group will have a table with water (bring your water bottles) and cold drinks and cookies to enjoy during the event. It’s a family friendly activity that you won’t want to miss!  

All Are Welcome - All Are Invited – CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Care for Creation in 2024

DCPC’s Green Group would like to invite you to consider a variety of creative ways to help care for creation during 2024.  With the help of our partner at Creation Justice ( we will each month provide a list of new ways to live into this creation care commitment.  Just click this link and try them on. Remember, creation care is both our calling as stewards of all that God has made and a way to practice justice and neighbor love.  Thank you for helping us live into our Earth Care Congregation Commitment. 

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