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Earth Care In Action

How you can help


Be Informed

Here are some good books for information on sustainability for cold winter reading:

  • A Christian’s Guide to Planet Earth: Why it Matters and How to Care for It by Betsy Painter

  • Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in A Divided World by Katherine Hayhoe

  • Diet for A Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe

Watch Katherine Hayhoe’s   TED talk on talking about climate change HERE 

World of Wonder is a free nature discovery program of Davidson Lands Conservancy which shows children the wonders of the outdoors. Visit their activity at the Davidson Farmers Market each Saturday.

Get Involved

Read Diet for A Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe and attend a discussion of the book on Feb. 5

Watch a vegetarian cooking demonstration by Courtney Spears.  Available in mid to late February on YouTube

Crown Town Compost is starting a program of composting food waste. The first 250 families in Davidson will be eligible for this pilot program. This is a great way to reduce waste in the landfill. Here’s the link for more information 

Take a walk on a fine fall day on one of the county Greenways. Here’s a link to a page with a map of the 62 miles of Greenways

Recycling Plastic Bottles
Writing on Sofa


Vote on Nov. 8 for candidates at local, state, and national levels who support sustainability and care for the earth. Our vote is probably the best way we can advocate for the environment.

Join or donate to an organization that advocates for the environment.  Here are some suggestions:

Davidson Lands Conservancy

Third Act (for those over 60 years old)

National Wildlife Federation

Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy


Upcoming Events

Did you know that 2023 is North Carolina’s Year of the Trail?  This celebration of our great outdoors seeks to highlight the wealth of trails and greenways throughout our state.  Activities are planned statewide during the year.  As part of this celebration, DCPC’s Green Group is hosting a hike on the fourth Sunday of each month at 3:00 PM.  The first hike will be on January 22 and will be along the Davidson College Cross Country trail, led by Gordon Clark.  Hikers are asked to park in the Baker Sports Arena parking lot and meet at the back of the lot behind the building.  Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.  In case of pouring rain, the hike will be cancelled.  For more information about this hike, contact Gordon Clark at by email.


For more information on the program, or to host a hike, contact Donna Hatfield by email.   For more information about Year of the Trail check it out at

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