Earth Care In Action

How you can help


Be Informed

It’s nesting season for our feathered friends.  Watch this video about baby birds from the Carolina Raptor Center.


Do you love strawberries?  This video will show you how to grow them at home in containers.


Want to help save the butterflies?  Learn about planting a pollinator garden here

Get Involved

Learn about monarch butterflies and help save their habitat at this family-friendly activity sponsored by Davidson Lands Conservancy.


During the month of May, recycle everything that you can and see if the amount of trash you generate goes down.  The list of items that can be recycled in Mecklenburg County is listed here

Plastic bags can be recycled at most grocery stores, and Publix groceries will recycle clean foam trays and take out containers.  Lowes will recycle plant pots in their garden centers.


Watch the film "Youth V Gov" now streaming on Netflix.

Recycling Plastic Bottles
Writing on Sofa


Join or donate to an organization that advocates for the environment.  Here are some suggestions:

Davidson Lands Conservancy

Third Act (for those over 60 years old)

National Wildlife Federation

Sierra Club

The Nature Conservancy